Poise…Grace…Ferocity, all words that make up the fabric of Ashess Couture . A force to be reckoned with, model, actress, host,

T.V personality, Ashess Couture was born January 16, 1993 in Bronx, New York. Raised by a strong, supportive mother and loving

step-father, Ashess always had a deep-rooted desire to express her inner artistic ability through modeling and other entertainment

venues. By the tender age of 14 she had already participated in Pageants, Fashion Shows and different Events and began

devoting every dime, breath, and second to laying the foundation to what would become a thriving and successful career. Now,

after paying her dues, the Jamaican-American beauty has begun to grace entertainment media with her luscious looks and

powerful presence. In the rare moments that she is not in front of a camera or on a runway, Ashess spends her time attaining a

degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences with a concentration in Criminal Justice Law from Bronx Community College, spending time

with friends who affectionately know her as Ash, and most importantly dedicating her life to God, School and her Family. These

are all the driving forces behind her success as she works harder every day to accomplish her goal. So what makes Ashess not

just another body in a casting call line or another face in the crowd? What is it that sets her apart from all the other aspiring

models out there? “There's something about the way people carry themselves, it’s not an attitude, it's more a sense of one's "self,”

Ashess says. She knows that anyone could have a pretty face, but it is her unyielding confidence and unwavering work ethic that

pushes her head and shoulders above the rest. "Nothing comes free in life. In order to feel as if I have accomplished something

worthwhile in life, I have to work from the very bottom to appreciate the very top." Recently 1st Runner up in Ms. Tropical

Paradise Beauty Pageant, Ashess has had opportunities rolling in from people wanting to know who this fresh face is with a

personality to match. Never one to pass up an opportunity, she gladly accepts the jobs she has been receiving and continues to

further her career by looking for more prospects. Because this is her passion she feels it necessary to be involved of all aspects of

the field, including giving back. It is very important for her to show young models the craft and artistry of modeling, how to stay

true to themselves, and never forget their self-worth. In this day and age where there is the common misconception that modeling

is being scantily clad in some rappers video or men’s magazine, Ashess doesn't want the craft of modeling to be forgotten.

Though she is already someone accomplished, this is just the beginning for the young personality. At the rate she is going, the

world needs to keep an eye out for her because she is about to take it by storm!

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